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“The Spaceship” 2.0

Update: See how myself and others have modified The Spaceship to meet our own needs. Programming while sitting at a desk has always been problematic for me. I’ve never been able to maintain perfect, upright posture while sitting. I usually … Continue reading

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My Ableton-clone

I love Ableton Live, but it’s never satisfied my needs as a dj. I was really excited when Max for Live came out as it promised easy extensibility for Live. However, still I found Max for Live and Live Control … Continue reading

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Novation Launchpad Dissection

I haven’t satisfied with the reliability my arduio-based monome clone I built earlier this year, so I sold out and got a Novation Launchpad. At $200, it’s nearly half the cost of materials as my DIY project and is obviously … Continue reading

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Arduinome Complete!

Fueled by the news of Ableton Live’s impending integration with Max, I willed my Arduinome to completion this weekend. A combination of frustration with bugs and holiday distractions sent me off course for a couple weeks. Here’s what happened: Problem 1: … Continue reading

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Arduinome Progress

I’m nearing completion of my Arduinome. Everything is soldered together. After I work out an ArduinomeSerial quirk, I should be ready to close up the enclosure and start jamming on it. Here’s some construction pics. Click on them for the high res Flickr set. … Continue reading

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Arduinome Enclosure

I received my Arduinome Enclosure from Machine Collective today! Now I am waiting only on my shield pcb. Below is my parts list with links to where I bought everything. Prices do not include shipping. Part Quantity Total Arduino Diecimila 1 $35.00 Sparkfun Button … Continue reading

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Arduinome project

I love the simplicity Ableton Live and other software brings to electronic music performance. It relieves the stress of beat-matching, enabling dj’s to focus on timing, effects and track selection. It also saves them an expensive collection of vinyl. However, … Continue reading

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