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I'm a programmer and music nerd in Portland, OR.

Top Moments of Movement 2013

I’m still exhausted from dancing my ass off at last weekend’s Movement festival in Detroit. In my third venture there, it’s cemented its position as the best place to reconnect with the music scene and friends I love. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Spaceship Modifications

It’s been nearly two years since I posted about The Spaceship, my standing desk built from IKEA shelving units. Since then, it’s been featured on sites like Lifehacker and IKEA Hackers, yielding unforeseen traffic to my humble blog. This gargantuan $250 dollar experiment has been replicated by at least … Continue reading

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“Summer Fiesta” Mix

Prompted by my first live DJ gigs earlier this year, I’ve changed my DJ setup. I used to sequence tracks in Ableton Live’s arrangement view. This let me dial in transitions until they sounded immaculate. However, I tended to get … Continue reading

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Top Tracks of 2011

Yet another awesome year of electronic music! Here are my favorite tracks, categorized loosely by genre: House 1. Julio Bashmore – Battle For Middle You [PMR Music] 2. Tom Middleton – Cicadas (Maya Jane Coles Remix)[Lo:Rise] 3. Shonky – Oasis … Continue reading

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barre3 3rd anniversary mix

My relationship with barre3, an exercise studio, has evolved since I made their 2nd anniversary mix last year. My girlfriend is now an instructor there. I spent this spring developing a forthcoming web-based business with the owners. They’re now a year … Continue reading

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My presentation on Restkit

Tonight I gave a presentation at PDX CocoaHeads on RestKit, a RESTful object mapping framework for iOS and OSX. RestKit has proved extremely useful in connecting BeatMatch, my forthcoming iPhone app, to a my Ruby on Rails web app. It … Continue reading

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Travel recap – a week in Morocco

My girlfriend and I spent a week in Morocco as part of a larger European vacation. We had an amazing experience there, but I feel compelled to write a candid recap of what I would gladly repeat and what I … Continue reading

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“The Spaceship” 2.0

Update: See how myself and others have modified The Spaceship to meet our own needs. Programming while sitting at a desk has always been problematic for me. I’ve never been able to maintain perfect, upright posture while sitting. I usually … Continue reading

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My Ableton-clone

I love Ableton Live, but it’s never satisfied my needs as a dj. I was really excited when Max for Live came out as it promised easy extensibility for Live. However, still I found Max for Live and Live Control … Continue reading

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Top Tracks of 2010

Another awesome year of electronic music. So many great tracks. Many of them coming from my musical hero Maya Jane Coles (pictured). Here are my favorite tracks, categorized loosely by genre: House 1. Maya Jane Coles – Love/Hate [Dogmatik] 2. … Continue reading

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