My presentation on Restkit

Tonight I gave a presentation at PDX CocoaHeads on RestKit, a RESTful object mapping framework for iOS and OSX. RestKit has proved extremely useful in connecting BeatMatch, my forthcoming iPhone app, to a my Ruby on Rails web app. It also boasts an enthusiastic community that has graciously responded to questions merged in a few of my pet features. Here are the slides from my presentation:

If you’re considering using RestKit for your next project, I recommend these tutorials to familiarize yourself with the concepts introduced in the presentation:
Developing RESTful iOS Apps with RestKit
iOS SDK: Advanced RestKit

As mentioned in the presentation, the object mapping API is being overhauled in the next version, so keep in mind that the syntax will change.

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I'm a programmer and music nerd in Portland, OR.
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1 Response to My presentation on Restkit

  1. rbjello says:

    Your presentation looked really good but the content was way over my head. o_O

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