My Ableton-clone

I love Ableton Live, but it’s never satisfied my needs as a dj. I was really excited when Max for Live came out as it promised easy extensibility for Live. However, still I found Max for Live and Live Control quite limiting, so I said to myself “fuck it, I’m building my own”.

Problem is, making dj software that works exactly the way I want requires a ton of effort. After going through all that effort, the resulting product is still likely to have limited appeal. So I contemplated ways to make a version that would have broader appeal. I decided the best way to do that is to take all effort out of DJ’ing for people who just want to hear their own music beatmatched.

It’s eventually going to be an iPhone app, but right now it’s a Mac OSX app to prove the concept. The audio engine is written in the parts of Apple’s CoreAudio framework that are also available on the iPhone, so that code should be reusable. The video below demonstrates the current state of this audio app through my Ableton-like clone on OSX:

About petermarks

I'm a programmer and music nerd in Portland, OR.
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