Arduinome Progress

I’m nearing completion of my Arduinome. Everything is soldered together. After I work out an ArduinomeSerial quirk, I should be ready to close up the enclosure and start jamming on it. Here’s some construction pics. Click on them for the high res Flickr set. More documentation to follow.


About petermarks

I'm a programmer and music nerd in Portland, OR.
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2 Responses to Arduinome Progress

  1. Jason says:

    So you were nearing completion on 12/5…are you done?!? I want to see a video of it in action when you have a chance. If it is as cool as I think it will be I might have to pay you to build me one!

    • petermarks says:

      I’m learning that debugging circuits isn’t nearly as easy as debugging code. It’s assembled and recognized by my computer, but I’m still tracking down a loose solder joint somewhere. Holiday festivities aren’t helping my productivity either!

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