Deep Mix

I just put together this mix of my favorite deep house tracks I’ve picked up this year, as well as some old standbys. Best served with with a cold beverage after work. Here’s the link and here’s the tracklist:

Deep Mix by PeterMarks

1. Baaz – Memories
2. Nomumbah – Like A Rainbow (Dub Mix)
3. Furry Phreaks – Soothe (Chicane Jazz Mix)
4. Sascha Funke – I Love This Tent
5. Brauns & Nils Nurnburg – Delicious
6. Bender & Sevensol – Ellen Barkin
7. Dubbyman – Rise Of Equality (Piano Take Beats Mix)
8. Demarco Music Project – Say Something
9. Mudd – Spielplatz
10. Baaz – Clouds 2
11. Nils Nurberg – Caught In A Glimpse
12. Manuel Tur & DPlay – Deviate
13. Satoshi Fumi – Everything (Francois Dubois Mix)
14. Moodyman – Tribute
15. Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham – Atmospheric Beats

About petermarks

I'm a programmer and music nerd in Portland, OR.
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