Arduinome Enclosure

arduinome enclosure

I received my Arduinome Enclosure from Machine Collective today! Now I am waiting only on my shield pcb. Below is my parts list with links to where I bought everything. Prices do not include shipping.

Part Quantity Total
Arduino Diecimila 1 $35.00
Sparkfun Button Pads 4 $39.80
Sparkfun Button Pad PCBs 4 $39.80
Diode Small Signal – 1N4148 70 $9.45
Yellow LEDs (SSL-LX3044SYC) 70 $31.50
Shift register 74HCT165 1 $0.54
Shift register 74HCT164 1 $0.53
MAX7219CNG+ (LED driver) 1 $10.81
10Kohm, 10 pin, Resistor network 1 $0.39
0.1uf Capacitor 3 $1.44
10uf Capacitor 1 $2.38
16 pin IC Socket 1 $1.02
14 pin IC Socket 1 $0.89
24 pin IC Socket 1 $1.53
Shield PCB (Group Buy) 1 $22.89
Enclosure 1 $165.59
Total $363.56

Another Note: Since my last post, I’ve opted to go the simple route and build a monochromatic Arduinome. This is my first DIY electronics project and hijacking the monome 256 protocol to run three separate LED channels just sounds too involved for me at this point.

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